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Evergreen Global specializes in providing quality mechanical components to American companies by contract manufacturing in TS16949, AS9100 and NADCAP certified facilities in Asia. With many years' operating experience in both China and the U.S, we have a proven record of quality and on-time delivery. Evergreen Global's strong manufacturing, engineering and financial ties, coupled with an expansive network of relationships and strength in logistics on both ends ensure Evergreen deliver significant value to its customers. Some of our customers are treating Evergreen Global as a 'Go-To' company when it comes to getting mechanical components from Asia and we hope we can work together for a long-term business relationship.

Our mission is simply to provide a high quality service to our customers. We realize that finding a reliable supplier of quality aerospace components is important and we are here to offer a supportive hand and an experienced brain to the process.

Our Products are:
Aero Engines components, Aerospace Components, Sub-assemblies, Jigs, Fixtures, Aircraft Components, Split Casing, Foam mold, Wave Guide, Control Manifold, Mission Computer Chassis, waveguides, Digital Engine Control Unit, Diffuser Plate, Interface Bracket, Inlet Casing, Module, Other Developmental Items, Special Purpose Machines components, spam components, aero engine, components, aeronautical, aircraft, aerospace, CNC machined components, precision component, CNC machined, spare parts, diffuser plate, ring load, ETC.

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